One who is obsessed with the game of baseball, baseball cards, baseball players, and anything remotely related to baseball is called a keedon (See baseball).
A keedon is one who pays exhorbitant amounts of money for boxed sets of baseball cards just to get a good autographed baseball card, which could have been bought individually at the same price or less (See keedon).
by Dean Truong November 4, 2005
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Often a pisces. He is the greatest bff you could ever ask for. He can help get you through your darkest times. He always finds a way to make you feel better no matter the situation at hand. Hes an empathetic guy which is refreshing as most guys bury their emotions. You are a lucky hooman if you have him in your life.
Person 1: who's that?

You: Keedon. My bff!!! 😆
by 5ugarsku11 June 22, 2019
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