a butt syndrome starting with k, when your ass looks like a smushed acorn on the side of the road. a very common occurrence in “thicker” women.
daaamnnn... that girl has KBS.. yikes..
by brooopassthevape May 04, 2018
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korean broadcasting system; The first broadcasting station in republic of korea.
He works in KBS news station.
by K-boy March 10, 2016
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(n.) Kinky Bum Sex; refers to anal sex, usually homosexual.
Hey, I heard you and David had KBS last night: what's his arsehole like?
by stoogebag July 23, 2009
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Kapit Bahay boyS 1585. KBS founded in the 1990's now reside currently in Eastside San Diego, Oceanside, and as far as Riverside county. Kapit Bahay boyS translated from tagalog means "Neighborhood boyS". There have been reportings of shootings, grand thefts, assaults & robbery, including as much as homicide & murder all leading back to the "Eastside KBS gang". Formerly known as a Fillipino gang, they now recruit other members regardless of race. Well known for killing "Crabs" on-sight, it is soon to be one of the fastest growing gangs within the asian community.
Asian bood gang. Eastside KBS gang.
by Eastside KBS Gang March 18, 2007
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