a kawinkidink is a coincidence or correspondence in nature or in time of occurrence
A coincidence is when you unexpectedly run into your friend in the mall.
Then you could say ohh what a kawinkidink that your here.
by yeahits me DM March 26, 2019
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A lucky chance occurrence, like when this new boy you have a crush on in the 6th grade emails you and asks you to go to a movie and signs off XOXO and you realize just then, he has a crush on you too. That's a kawinkidink!
Jack just asked me out! Kawinkidink!
by Brianna_94 September 15, 2006
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A troubling situation
Your rich grandfather has just died but had yet to fill out a will.

"What a kawinkidink."
by Albert Isaac Broughton January 09, 2006
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