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Beautiful smart woman, with a heart of gold. A person who would give her last. Honest and loyal to the end. Don't let the pretty face fool you she will fuck a bitch up.
I saw beautiful Kawana hanging with her friends at the movies.
by Milan,B August 16, 2016
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A sweet loving guy who seems perfect, he's hella funny in his own way. At first, he could be seen as a normal guy but once you get to know him you instantly found your best friend or even soulmate. You are really lucky if you know a Kawanas, because no matter what he will always be there for you but will also respect you and give you your space when you need it. He is very cute and snuggly like a big ol' teddy bear, he may seem soft but he is tough but lovable. If you ever have a bad day you can always call/text him and he will do his best to cheer you up. He's also very freaking adorable when he blushes. Some might say depending on their past it changes them in sensitive ways, Kawanas's are very deep and honest and connecting. You can always trust them and be yourself around them because no matter who you are or what you did they will always care/love you. Also if you date a Kawanas, stay with them because they are the best guy out there...
Abby: "Hey do you know Kawanas?"

Victoria: "Yeah! He is the perfect guy!"
by LittleMuffin November 22, 2017
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