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A cute girl you want to be seen with she is a little shy at first but once you get to know her she is a funny bubbly person! She is always there for you when you are feeling down, and is very loyal
Person 1: omg katelan is so sweet
Person2: I know and pretty
by Barny34 August 30, 2017
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Katelan's are stunning , caring , out going girls. Katelan's are often found in the popular groups due to every guy wants a katelan because of there stunning looks. Katelan's are not afraid to get down and dirty and have a crazy time.if you ever come across a katelan ,shes a keeper everyone wants a katealn due to how loyal she is and will never let you down . Katelan's always make you feel happy when with them and truly know how to love someone .Katelan's only say things they mean. if any guy has a katelan in there life they should keep because every guy in the world wants one. You need to remind Katelan's how lucky you are to have them over wise they over think and reckon they are letting you down . Katelan's compare them self's to over girls and think they are not good enough but clearly they are .... Katelan's can be nasty but only when you hurt them . Make sure you love and treat your katelan well and guys remember Katelan's are good at getting down and dirty .
'i love katelan'
'shes stunning'
'katelan want to get down and dirty'
by hahahasotrue1234 October 23, 2018
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A girl who is sweet, laid back, and innocent at first but then you get to know her and she becomes an overly annoying person who strives for any and everyone’s attention that isn’t always hers to receive and will do anything to ensure she is in the spotlight and will always use and manipulate anyone she comes across in eyesight. She is the type of person who will forever be a mooch and never get a job but continue to be a freeloader and never once show her gratitude to the people who have helped her through her hard times. She is the type of person who will always blame other people for being the issue when the person that is the problem is the girl in the mirror looking back at her
Bob: Hey you know that Katelan girl?
Sandy: Ya dude that’s the girl who stole my stuff
by Yolo471 June 16, 2018
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