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karmi is a very hyper person that loves to go out and commonly insults playfully. however karmi tends to be sweet and loving occasionally, but then insults you when she feels like it. karmi cares about friends and will always try and make you smile no matter what. karmi is always mean to robins.
omg, youre so karmi like!!
by Midnight Cloud March 16, 2010
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1. the epitome of perfection.

2. joy/pleasure
3. strange unknown symbols or markings
4. Sarcastically used to mean asshole (adj.)
1. That was the karmis of my life
2. Oh! the Karmis I feel!
3. Did you notice the strange Karmis on the wall?
4. That karmis man... HOW DARE HE!
by KathAHrin Laughington December 02, 2009
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