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word of origin: paranoid. The act of being karenoid occurs when Karen is paranoid about what people are saying about her because they usually ARE saying those things about her. One is usually "karenoid" when guilty of committing one or all of the following crimes or sins: grand larceny, mooching off of wealthy or more popular "friends", being phony and playing "WHOA IS ME" like a champ.
She was always so KARENOID bc she never before had the ability to earn the attention of other people, so once she was given the slightest bit of responsibility and trust, she stole. She was then KARANOID because she realized her friends' trust was funneled into her own expensive trips to Europe, Jimmy Choos, hair blowouts, and room service at hotels she couldn't afford.
by greatwhitehope October 09, 2007
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