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Kancolle, short for Kantai Collection is a web-browser game which centers on WW2 ships manifested in the form of human girls with gameplay that brings RNG to the table through naval battles, ship construction, and would have a semi resource simulator that correlates to these. Some would define it as Touhou but instead of yokai, you get ship girls. And no, there is no such thing as kancolle the animation.
1.) I played some kancolle last night. Hoppou told me to fuck off and go home.
by TTK-san December 25, 2015
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Short for Kantai Collection. A Japanese game about ships in the form of teenage girls, that's currently only playable in Japan. Some call it a hobby, I call it life. :D
Kancoller 1: Man, I love Fubuki!
Kancoller 2: You ain't 'bout shit, Shimakaze is the real queen!
Non-Kancoller: Fuckin' weebs.
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by DangoChing March 03, 2016
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