Kancolle, short for Kantai Collection is a web-browser game which centers on WW2 ships manifested in the form of human girls with gameplay that brings RNG to the table through naval battles, ship construction, and would have a semi resource simulator that correlates to these. Some would define it as Touhou but instead of yokai, you get ship girls. And no, there is no such thing as kancolle the animation.
1.) I played some kancolle last night. Hoppou told me to fuck off and go home.
by TTK-san December 25, 2015
Short for Kantai Collection. A Japanese game about ships in the form of teenage girls, that's currently only playable in Japan. Some call it a hobby, I call it life. :D
Kancoller 1: Man, I love Fubuki!
Kancoller 2: You ain't 'bout shit, Shimakaze is the real queen!
Non-Kancoller: Fuckin' weebs.
by DangoChing March 4, 2016
When search engine results show moe anthropomorphism of something instead of the historical thing they're based off of e.g. showing Serval from Kemono friends instead of the wild cat. Named after Kantai Collection a game about ww2 warships that are depicted as "mecha musume" anime girls.
I was trying to write a report on Nero Claudius but all the google results just came back with some anime bimbo from a game called fate. God damn Kancolle Effect!
by Kancolle Marine Sexpert November 14, 2017
The process by which search engine results for actual things will show results for moe anthropomorphisms of those things, Instead of results for the actually thing on user search history and preferences.
I was fapping to some Kancolle rule 34 the other day, And now whenever i search for anything related to the pacific campaign all the results link to Kancolle related stuff. The Kancolle effect sure is annoying huh.
by Kancolle Marine Sexpert July 15, 2017
One of the most known Kantai Collection ship girls, based on the battleship of the same name.

her character is defined by being quite Egocentric, uptight and stubborn, usually needy of praising after a good job.

Honestly her main perk aside the firepower is that huge ass of hers.
Kancolle Bismarck battleship need to be praised... by taking her ass.
by xSBx May 14, 2017