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a weeb who's only interaction with women is from his mother spanking him, he generally lusts for any sexual interaction with women no matter what age, they are the type of person who comments hate comments about anyone who dislikes anime.
"Another sexual harassment case, this is the 4th in 2 weeks, must be the doing of a Kaloosh"
by my name jeff xd April 07, 2018
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a person who has an erection every time he thinks about him self if you meet one don't talk about him because if you do you will have semen all over you. they will talk about them self a lot
kaloosh would say he's awsome
by xpganggang March 30, 2018
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A funny, amazing friend that is great to hang around. Though if you have chocolate, they will start going crazy and will eat other humans around them. They love women, especially 16 year olds, but don’t let that get you down if you had a thing for him. They’ll give you a chance. Kaloosh love birds for some reason, especially ibises, because they think that they are calm and pure like birds. They love to watch anime and will weeb out if they watch too much. If treated right, they can make a great friend.
Girl; uh oh, he’s watching anime again...
Boy; yep. He’s being a Kaloosh alright.
Girl; uh huh
“Kaloosh” ;Awww! Miku wa kawaiiii!!
by DeWeirdnessIs7H June 10, 2018
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