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modern hawaiian for a divorced and bitter female that was once impregnated by a kukupapa. A kakamama's offspring are known as pupukakas. Kakamamas are often found at local bars with or without pupukakas in tow depending on who has custody that week. If pupukakas are not present, one should not assume they do not exist, as a kakamama may have custody and be using a wallkie talkie in lieu of a babysitter.

Kakamamas have a polar opposite sense of time that work only to their benefit. When custody change occurs - kakamamas will drop off pupukakas early, sometimes many hours prior to the scheduled time, and when due to pick up their little legal obligations, they may not show for days.
She dropped of those pupukakas in the middle of our bachelor party - that kakamama has no sense.
by badbrad February 03, 2009
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