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In the practice of seppuku the one who decapitates the one committing ritual suicide
Yamamoto Jin'emon was kaishaku for his son after he cut down a man for insulting him
by anonymous December 08, 2004
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A 'second' in ancient Japanese culture. This person would act on behalf of the Shogunate. This would be an executioner who decapitates men after they have performed ritualistic suicide (Seppuko).
An example of this is the character Ogami Itto in the film series 'Lone Wolf and Cub'. He was chief executioner and would behead disgraced samurai with one fell swoop of his dotanuki.
His sword is a dotanuki, as used by the Shogun's Kaishaku (second). This must be Ogami Itto.
by Manatarmz November 21, 2005
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The Second Cut. In The Right of Seppuku, A Samurai Was Allowed Death With Honor By Cutting Up His Abdomen. After The Incision Was Complete, The Second Would Perform Kaishaku, Severing The Samurai's Head For A Quick Death. The Second Was Know As A Kaishakunin.
"It Would Be Great If I Had Kaishaku When I Saw The Bouncing Souls Live, They Suck!"
by Ibble March 09, 2005
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