to mean, amazing, gorgeous, beautiful and understanding,

a Hawaiian name symbolizing greatness.
another word for amazing is kailah
by lewiscarter123 April 12, 2011
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omg the sweetest girl ever!!! she’s super funny and has the weirdest sense of of humor. she loves her friends and if u are lucky enough to have a kailah in your life, KEEP HER! she’s over competitive and doesn’t like to open up her feelings that often, but we all have our faults. they normally have an obsession over one thing, then move on a couple of days later. people always say her name wrong, but it’s super funny. IF U HAVE A KAILAH IN UR LIFE SAVOR EVERY MOMENT U HAVE WITH THEM ❤️❤️❤️
person 1- omg there’s kailah!
person 2- i wish i were friends with her :(
by cool catholic emo kid?! June 1, 2022
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Average Irish potato muncher. Only eats potatoes.
Person #1: What do you want for dinner tonight?

Person #2: Let's pull a Kailah!

(Let's have potatoes like a dumbass Irish motherfucker)
by stmonicauser2023 October 26, 2022
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Kailah Bayyan is a very smart beautiful and talented girl. She is strong outgoing and doesn’t care about what the haters say because she knows she slays. And she knows she is a QUEEN who rocks this world.
by Stephany Vancuvar March 28, 2018
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an amazing good looking girl that stops the crowd everytime she walks into a room. she has the most beautiful eyes nor beautiful smile and her hair is so gorgeous even god doesn’t know how he made it. she also has an amazing bf ;)
omg look it’s kailah
by Ricotheman December 1, 2022
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