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Kaida, means tiny or small dragon. Uncommon name, orgin Japanese. A name to best describe a strong baby who's destined to grow up strong, fierce and beautiful.
by DragomMama July 01, 2016
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LITTLE DRAGON. An adorable and sweet girl who has a dragon attitude at times. Brave and kind. Loves to help. Is Intelligent beyond her years. If you ask her a question you better be prepared for her response.
KAIDA is the Japanese name meaning little dragon.
by Deathpixi June 23, 2016
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Kaida is a Name of Japanese origin. A girl with a dragon spirit at times. She is loved and confident and will always stand up for others. She is one of the most beautiful people you'll ever meet. She is wise beyond her years and loves everyone for who they are. Kaida Is made to be athletic and strong but also to have very defined curves. Kaida will rise to popularity and prosper in kindness.
I wish I was Kaida.
by Skyler1435Rncher September 23, 2018
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a kaida is a good wish she is so awesome people love her she is a pretty princess she is so cool a shanice is her best friend and they are so good together kaida is a sassy girl and never gets introuble . kaida is a diva and a drama queen so if u like make sure u give her the things she wants
mom:how was your day
son:i met kaida i gave her my money
mom:why did u do that?
son:because she is my girlfriend
mom:ummm go to your room
son:mom dont beat me!
mom:well i am going to
by e1943 June 02, 2018
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