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A very uncommon name for a guy. So rare, that when someone named kagen, finds another kagen, they try to kill one another. see decapitate Normally extra cute
Guy: yo! look at those kagen's fight!
guy 2: OH NO! hes going for the head!
girl: that kagen is really cute
by Gablanoonpashda April 18, 2008
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Kagen: Kagen is a very caring and nice guy, he is hilarious and sometimes offensive (which can also be hilarious) has a love for cats, Kagen is very protective about cats and will fight you if you make fun of cats. He is normally short and gets in trouble a lot, but he knows everyone.
Guy 1: Ah look it’s Kagen
Guy 2: Oh yes everyone knows Kagen
by want.some.stickers May 26, 2018
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beautiful mongoose in the sun ; human refference girl who is the prettyest and a good friend to all loyal people
kagen is the nicest girlfriend ever
by levene January 05, 2019
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