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used when you agree with something someone says, or just a polite friendly hello or wassup.
Katie: hey!!!
Laura: KADOO.


Margaret: omg thats so huge.
Jenny: kadoo.
by crazygirls124566777 July 09, 2009
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Kadoo. One of the most versatile words in contemporary English language. Thought to have originated in Colorado, USA amongst members of the fabled "Kadoo Krew", the word is used to indicate accordance.

It has been estimated that Kadoo has been the root of tens of thousands of new, exciting expressions. Modern linguists often cite Kadoo as an example of an unclassifiable language particle; however, while stressing its cryptic and mythical origins, experts almost universally agree that Kadoo is one of the most effective tools of self-expression in the history of mankind.

note: "Kadoo" is the American spelling. Global variations have been recorded, including the Quebecois "Kadeut", and the French "Kadeux".
"Kadoo to you!"

1: "How ya kadooin'?"
2: "Kadooin' just fine!"


"Kadon't touch me!"

1: "Kadjoo please hand me those papers?"
2: "Kadoo."

(Quebec) 1: "Wanna go play some hockey?"
2: "Kadeut!"
by GoodSir69 April 26, 2012
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