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a race of Austronesian/Malayo-Polynesian people also known as Dusun or Kadazandusun.

Kadazan men are known for having an exceptionally large penis.

Also the friendliest and most laid back people on Borneo.
foreign lady: god the natives here are hot!

Foreign lady's friend: Yea those are the kadazans....they got big cocks...

foregin lady: nice.
by Gagozo February 09, 2007
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An ethnic residing primarily on the northern region of Borneo called Sabah. Kadazans,with the Dusuns are actually the same tribe,although many dumbasses (from both sides) deny this fact.

Unlike other native tribes in Borneo,the Kadazans were not historically a warrior (headhunting) tribe. This is proven by our tribal costumes,dance and our general laid back characteristic,which is sometimes mistaken as lazyness. Our tribal dance aka the Sumazau suggests we might have invented the disco dance,especially with the hand movements.

Historically the Kadazans/Dusuns resided in the highlands and are generally a farming tribe.We have too many types of alcoholic beverage from mild rice wine to extremely hard palm based liquors. All these points to a non violent,hard partying,nature of our tribe. Our tattoo designs are also very rough and unwarriorlike,mostly consisting of our own initials suggesting that these tattoos were probably made when both the tattoo artist and the tattooed person were drunk. We might have been the first to use the terms "The Proteus","Lebanese tattoo","pull an Oscar".

Any case,we are the most unique tribe of all the Borneo native tribes. We are s peace loving and hard drinking tribe whereas the others are hostile, headhunting barbarians.Party and dancing has been part of the culture though we stopped for awhile when the Europeans and the British came. They brought Christianity and we couldn't party too much since because we had to go to church on Sunday.
A kadazan knows shit about headhunting but he sure knows how to party!
by partytribe July 21, 2011
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