K & C or Knob & Cuddle, the act of love takes place (the K) and shortly after 15 minutes of fame the man pretends to care by showing affection in the form of a tender cuddle (the C). after performing this ritual the man is then free to leave relatively guilt free.
"I porked this girl last night but had to get home so I gave her a bit of K & C and made my escape"
by ally del blanny September 4, 2011
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Kangaroo Crew, A sick jumpstyle crew coming straight out of San Diego.
Raver 1:Did you see K.-C. at that rave last night?

Raver 2:Totally dude they're jumpstyle kicked ass!
by (Electro ✩ Kitty) August 30, 2010
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SELLIN KIDS COKE: the killa est graf crew to grace you moms veeger sonny... to sell kids coke ...to steal krylon cans... to suicide kill comandos... all those are proper ill terms for that shit son S K C what
SKC: he was a true ass skc when he sold that kid coke... s k c what.
by billy clarke February 6, 2008
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C&k: cuddle and kiss. Something that you’d rather do than Netflix and chill with someone.
“Hey, I’m bored. Come over.”
“Ok, wanna c&k?”
by Hellomychildren July 21, 2018
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For lazy persons who couldn't write 2, 3 letters, such as:


One-letter words
Y - Why
R - Are
U - You
C - See
K - OK - Okay - Fine

Two-letter words
UR - You're - You Are
Ye - Yes, Yeah

Three-letter words
THX - Thanks

Words with(out) '
dont - Don't
cant - Can't
didnt - Didn't
couldnt - Couldn't
im - I'm
***Short and Incorrect***
Example I (short and incorrect)

User I: r u k?
User II: ye, y?
User I: i thought u r sck or somethin...
User II: na im nt thx

Example II (ALL letters are small and no ",")
User I: im ok u?
User II: ye i am
User I: k if ur nt tll me
User II: k sure
***Normal (long) and Correct***
Example I (long and correct)

User I: Are you ok?
User II: Yes, why?
User I: I thought you are sick or something...
User II: Nah, I'm not, thanks!

Example II (Letters are good and with ",")
User I: I'm ok, you?
User II: Yes, I am.
User I: Okay, if you're not, tell me.
User II: Ok, sure!

r,u,k,y,c = Are, You, Ok, Why, See
by dinomario10 July 11, 2008
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The act of jerking off in front of a woman or group of women.
Becky and Ted’s date was going well until he pulled a Lewis C K. Becky was pretty grossed out because it was during dinner At a really nice restaurant.
by Bigguync November 12, 2017
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a hispanic gang from Los Chavez New Mexico. stands for Los Chavez Kings.
"L C K is the downest shit ever!!"

Sureno: "Oh shit, here comes an l c k, lets run away ese!!!"
by mateothathug September 8, 2007
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