jxdn known as jaden hossler he is a tiktoker and a singer that has released 2 songs at the moment,comatose and angels & demons! he is a popular tiktoker and singer! he is a member of the sway house that also includes josh richards bryce hall anthony reeves griffin johnson kio cryr and quinton griggs who recently joined the house.
by anonn0 May 20, 2020
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jxdn aka Jaden Hossler aka the hottest most perfect
man alive , is a musician or as he likes to call himself

a rockstar !!

he is dating mads lewis but obviously

it’s a fake relationship because i’m his girlfriend

but no one could know that or else all his fans would
be jealous of me .
person 1 : hey , do you know who jxdn is ??
person 2 : yeah ! he’s that hot rockstar dude .
person 3 : isn’t it that tiktok mf jaden hossler ?
person 1 : jxdn IS jaden hossler you dumbass ,

jxdn is just his stage name !

also , he’s not just a tiktoker anymore .
person 2 : yeah , he’s a rockstar !
by jaydenhollister February 26, 2021
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Real Name : Jaden Hossler amazing singer literally a legend a king has 2 songs angels and demons and comatose his music has a lot of meaning behind it , love his tattoo wish him the best love you rockstar 🤍
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