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1 definition by jaydenhollister

jxdn aka Jaden Hossler aka the hottest most perfect
man alive , is a musician or as he likes to call himself

a rockstar !!

he is dating mads lewis but obviously

it’s a fake relationship because i’m his girlfriend

but no one could know that or else all his fans would
be jealous of me .
person 1 : hey , do you know who jxdn is ??
person 2 : yeah ! he’s that hot rockstar dude .
person 3 : isn’t it that tiktok mf jaden hossler ?
person 1 : jxdn IS jaden hossler you dumbass ,

jxdn is just his stage name !

also , he’s not just a tiktoker anymore .
person 2 : yeah , he’s a rockstar !
by jaydenhollister February 26, 2021
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