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You are honest, benevolent, brilliant and often inventive, full of high inspirations. You are courageous, honest, determined, original and creative. You are a leader, especially for a cause. Sometimes you do not care to finish what you start, and may leave details to others. You can do well in position of authority, and prospers in intellectual and professional fields. Emergencies may raise your intuitive abilities in order to resolve conflict or situation. You become very creative under the pressure, and have quite original ideas to make the best out of it.
juvons is 2k goat.
by click boy February 23, 2017
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Man's greatest invention, brain bleach removes bad memories and general DO NOT WANT moments. Every household should have a few gallons.
1: Dude, I just walked in on my parents.
2: Have some Brain Bleach!
by Andikun November 06, 2007
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Honestly, the most amazing guy you will ever meet. he tries his best to make everyone happy, and will love you endlessly if you let him. he fills you up with compliments and has so much love to give you. If you ever get a Juvon in your life, make sure you hold them tight and never let them go. if you do let them go, just know that you have made the biggest mistake of your life. never EVER let them go. he may make mistakes, but hey, everyone does! if he ever makes a promise, trust me, he'll keep it if he knows it means a lot to you.
girl 1: I actually love Juvon, no joke.
girl 2: I'm not surprised🤷 ♀️
by billyandsamantha February 12, 2019
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