When he just wants to fuck. He just wanna know what that mouth do and how that pussy screw. sis stay away from him his bros say you just a kill.
James told sally she loves her but his bro said shes just a kill

"You love her bro ? "
" Na she just a kill "

Sarh came home crying to her mother, tears running down her face. She said mommy I dont know what to do. Her mom said sarah whats wrong ? Sarah said mom.. Joey said I'm just a kill !! Her mom said what ! He wants to kill you ! sarah sighed no.. he wants to fuck.
by BigBootyBrittney January 17, 2018
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To complete a task with the best possible results.
Dude, you just killed it!
by cyborgdino July 23, 2014
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Gimme A Break Or I Can`t Believe It!
I Can`t Believe What`s Happening!
Are You Going To That Family Gathering ?
- Just Kill Me!
by MrNudityyy February 7, 2009
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The full quote is ‘Just killed a woman, felling good!’, which is a quote made by TommyInnit in a stream of his.
TommyInnit: Just killed a woman, felling good!
by sfkja,fnmajfnvjnsfj December 30, 2021
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It just means when a (fandom/person/people) ruins a specific (Anime, book, TV show, video game, etc) Just because they thought it got "boring" or "overrated".

This usually happens to older video games, TV shows, and music, like TF2, Cyberchase, and breakcore.

Don't also confuse this for a trendkiller Lol.
Person 1: "Man you still play Undertale? That game is so old no one talks about it anymore."

Person 2: "I know but it's still a good game."

Person 1: "The game died just stop."

Person 2: "No, it didn't die you just killed it."
by 17 eater man August 12, 2023
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