a replacement for any word. 'jush' is often used by drag queens, mostly Jasmine Masters.
"that's my jush!"
"hey what are you doing later jush?"
"not much just making some jush, wanna come over?"
by 54345543 May 7, 2017
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the motion to maneuver your hands as if it's rubbing a ball .
person 1: I love the way my girl jushes my hair.
person 2: Yeah she's jushing it.
by jtooo November 3, 2010
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a small indian kid who worships cows.
person 1:Hey look at that kid! hes worshiping a cow!
person 2: Oh yeah that must be a jush!
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To give something a little more umph. To add excitement to something.
Let's jushe up this omlette with some chillis
by Jushemeup October 21, 2011
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Look at you taking all them selfies, you feeling your jush
by Heready February 7, 2019
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roll up sleeves, waist or cuffs to add style
jushe up the sleeves and you'll look fabulous
by Big V October 9, 2003
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