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The practice of sleeping with as many of the attractive female jurors in large murder trials as is humanly possible whilst attempting to avoid detection or expose the deception to the jurors involved.
Johnnie Cochran was running interference as co-counsel Robert Shapiro spent three weeks furiously juryfrigging before O.J. Simpson took the stand.
by MadBob May 01, 2007
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Like its close relative, juryrigging, this verb describes the act of being interrupted when so close to orgasm due to onanism that one must improvise a satisfactory conclusion as quickly as possible, with whatever comes to hand, as surreptitiously as possible, and with the least amount of spillage, or, failing that, embarrassment.

"My mum walked in so close to the vinegar strokes that I had no choice but to do a bit of furious juryfrigging into the hem of her skirt when she turned to yell down the stairs to my dad what a dirty wanker I was."
by MadBob May 14, 2007
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