The day that alot of great, hardworking, fun-loving, beautiful, silly, weird people including me were born. Your welcome.
"Hey when's your birthday?"

"June 16th."

"No wonder I like you"

by I'mMeDuh June 13, 2011
june 16th

the day the most perfect human beings were birthed.
jack: “dude, it’s reginas bday! she the definition of perfect prolly bc it’s on june 16th yk
by einsteinthe3rd November 16, 2019
The day those special few rose from Satans rectum and emerged into the world to bring about the end times
“Why do you talk so fondly of the devils asshole?”

“It is my home Gary. My hearth. My heart will forever rest with her.”

“You’re a June 16th baby arent ya”

“The correct term is Gemini, Gerald”
by Laylers October 16, 2019
The Day Tupac was born!! We were blessed to have this man on our planet...He is the most talented rapper who actually raps about things with substance from his soul! Happy Birthday to Tupac...Don't forget to pour some liquor on the floor for our homie on June 16th from now on! Thug life Baybe!
"June 16th, 1971
Mama gave birth
to a hell raisin' heavanly son.
See the doctor tried to smack me
but I smacked him back,
My first words were "thug for life" -Tupac (Cradle to the Grave)
by CMV1997 April 27, 2006
paypal her some money

she thick

give her taco bell she's super sexy
National Leilani Lilo Palakiko day June 16th damn it must be June 16th lemme send leilani.kiko some money
by baddiesthawaiian June 16, 2020