A jump off is basiclly a hoe. Or someone who trys to date all your ex's or guys you like.
"Yo i like Jamal"

"bitch your a jump off you no i dated jamal a week ago"

"hey i like mikey!!"

"yo back up jump off you no im trying to get with him"
by kiki-crazed September 10, 2009
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A Phrase Used By Gay Black Men, Who Wish To Be White. A Normal Person, Should Never Say Jump Off. Only Fags Say Jump Off.
"This stuff is the jump off" meaning the person who said this, is gay.
by Dr.Phillis August 19, 2007
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To Get fucked over by a girl completely because she was gettin pissed at one guy so jumnped to someone else to fuck with their mind
Yo that bitch just used kyle as a jump off and hes pissed
by sloppy mcslop June 30, 2006
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The Oak Neck Pizza Place by Fire Island. Also see steezno, ET1, and The Thumpuh.
YOU GUYS WANNA GET SOME PIZZA JUMP OFF!???!? Person saying this must try to squeeze thier adams apple while shaking their head violently and enunciating every syllable in a loud Long Island.
by dannyboy May 13, 2004
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The act of taking an ecstacy pill.
Hey man you wanna jump off, i got these awesome rolls?

Im so high I ate like four jump offs.
by ANGELILAH* February 03, 2010
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One night stands for girls. When she decides that she never wants to see him again.
...”As long as he wasn’t some one night

jump-off, than you should call him back”
by Billy-Soo April 30, 2020
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to only date a girl for her friends..
why were you with that fat ugly girl last night?

she was juat a jump off ,i wanna get with her sister but i dont know her
by NorCal Slanger January 05, 2017
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