For all beautiful people who are amazing and perfect.
Be lucky if your birthday is here know that you are loved.
wow her birthday is on July 21st
by _you_ know_ who______ April 11, 2019
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The day where you talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend all day
Mark:hey Sam do you want to come over and play one the ps4
Sam: nah bro it’s July 21st
Sam: it means I got to talk to my girlfriend all day today
by syperia July 21, 2020
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National best friends send pics day.

This day marks that Best Friends have to send each other *pics* ;)
OMG its July 21st, my best friend has to send me some pics ;)
by yeetskeet07 January 22, 2021
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If you were born on this day you are a little shit. It is national casandra-er-en-lille-lort day.
"Oh, Casandra, are you born on July 21st?" "Yeah" "Well you must be a little shit, then"
by denmegasejeostehund November 4, 2019
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People who are born on the 21st of July are sussy bakas. they are also freaking sexy and awesome
damn, you were born on the 21st July? You are sexy.
by rigatonibaka May 24, 2021
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NATional NAT Day. The one day of the year where Natalie has special time with a subject of her liking.
“Hey, Miles did you know today is July 21st?”
“No. What’s today?”
“It’s the day Natalie chooses between you and Owen to have some fun.”
by stankgingerluvr July 21, 2021
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