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A word referring to a sense of scale. It refers to the absolute best of its category in relation to the conversation.
Example 1:
Rhy: Man, I need to start streaming more, I need to become JugMug.

Example 2:
Xan: I wish I was half as handsome as JugMug.
by masteruseman January 14, 2015
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Not knowing what is going on. Usually when someone goes "wait...what??" or "wtf??"
person1: blah blah blah blah blah and ur gf can kiss good man blah blah blah
person2: oh yea..ic ic....wait. WHAT??
person1: nothing...
person3: lol...what a jugmug..

person2: hahaha..u just got jugmuged!!!
person1: wait..i didnt get what he just said..
person2: lol...u jugmug!!
by Yea_BOI_haha November 26, 2008
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