A Juggalo/lette is someone who beleives in what ICP and the psychopathic team preach. They beleive in the dark carnival, the 6 jokers cards, livin life without bitching, and God. It isn't just being a fan. It's a way of life. They drink faygo cause it's cheap (99 cents for 2 liters!) and they paint their faces as an expression. Other most common names for juggalos/lettes are ninja/ninjette, and serial killa.
by Drella June 01, 2005
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Person whos down with tha clown, listens to all/most groups with psycopathic records.
ex: twiztid, ICP (Insane Clown Posse), monoxide, blaze, esham, Dark lotus, Anybody killa..etc.

Juggalo being a male
Juggalette being a female
Yo man that lil fucka's a straight up juggalo!

"We dont never die alone. Juggalos will carry on. Swing our hatchets if we must. Each and everone of us"
by Sock December 11, 2004
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one who is at terms with himself and knows his role in life weather it is big or small and doesnt care, a juggalo is one who is a part of a group while still being a complete outcast.
if they're either black, white, asian, spanish, native american or of other ethnicity, they're tall, short, fat and skinny.
they can be prep, goth, ganster, nerd, jock, slutty....you could be forty and a harvard grad and still be a juggalo, a juggalo is the defected perfect everyone searches for.
son:is that a juggalo daddy?
dad:i dont know son, they're hard to spot.
dad:they come in all different types son, even your mom is a juggalo.
son:can i be one too daddy?
dad:of course you can son
by biker_187 June 22, 2005
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juggalo- male juggalette-female person who doesn't give a fuck what the rest of the world thinks, drinks faygo, kicks back and rocks to the wicked shit and is down with the klown.
by HatchetMaster April 22, 2005
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juggalos are the only fan base loyal enough to stick with there band despite the constant verbal abuse from stupid people who haven't evolved from apes far enough to realize that there no better than us. do you know why icp is so popular? its because haters like all of you spread the word around worse than we do. YOU create juggalos. even if they hide it they are a JUGGALO because of YOU. so you can only blame yourselves dumb ass. and anyone can be a juggalo, from that lone emo kid to the head of the football team. so shut up haters. THIS IS YOUR FAULT TO BEGIN WITH
Preppy kid1 "have you heard this shitty band icp?"
Preppy kid2 "no are they any good?"
Preppy kid1 "no they suck"
Preppy kid2 "oh OK.... well i gotta go"
Preppy kid1 "OK talk to you tomorrow"

Preppy kid2 *goes home and gets on computer and looks up icp right away* "oh my god this is great"

Preppy kid1 "hey man"
FRESH JUGGALO "good you?"
Preppy kid1 "whats with the face paint?"
FRESH JUGGALO "oh yeah... ima juggalo BIATCH "
by juggaloFOREVA November 16, 2010
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a crazy mutha who don't die till he/she gets what they want
we is down wit da clown 4 life

that mutha just won't die. there's no doubt he's a juggalo
by i kill people March 11, 2005
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A person who just so happens to listen to and/or follow Psychopathic Records or the horrorcore genre. The stupid little rednecks and ass holes who call themselves juggalos are not real. Theyre trying to fit inside a group of people to make themselves feel special. Please stop making assumptions about who we are based on these random fakes. And to all you people out there who come on urban dictionary just to try to bash us or call our music gay, taste is completely subjective. Just because you dont like it, doesnt mean its bad.
Juggalo/Juggalette: I for one dont particularly enjoy the new ICP album.
Non-Juggalo: I think ICP is terrible.
Juggalo: Thats your opinion, and I can respect that. You probably listen to alot of music I find distasteful.
Non-Juggalo: Thats a good point.

Police Officer: Arent Juggalos considered a gang now?
Juggalo: No, despite popular belief we are not a GANG, we are more of a group of really close friends. Maybe even a self-proclaimed family if you will. But we dont go out and commit violent crimes, or any crimes for that matter, to prove ourselves to the community. In fact, many juggalos are very reputable poeple with high paying jobs in every day life.
Non-Juggalo and Police Officer: Hmm.....I didnt know that.
by xxx BigSnarfxxx October 23, 2010
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