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What does the word ‘Jugad’ mean? Though its meaning differs from place to place, person to person, and situation to situation, yet some of its widely accepted meanings are alternative arrangement, source, approach, close associates, well known persons, an attempt to get a thing done, source of livelihood, etc. This word holds the unique distinction of changing colours with every street

Jugad’ is the buzzword in many parts of India these days. The word’s soaring popularity and frequent use among Hindi speaking Indians can easily turn any word of foreign origin green with envy. It’s not merely a five letter word but a science, art, tradition and philosophy in itself. No country can challenge us in Jugad-Technology . We are simply the best
I want to see the movie show and i don't have tickets. Please do some jugad
by mirror52 September 10, 2008
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To arrange for something that will help accomplish a particular task.
Hindi: Yaar woh website ka login chaheye, kuch jugad lagao!

English: I need a login to that website, do some jugad!
by maidesihoon April 29, 2007
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