Combination of Thursday & Friday in Spain. Juernes is a time for partying, beginning thursday night and continuing through friday morning.
by Rtook November 12, 2014
We, as spaniards, go out a lot on Thursdays lately so we came up with the idea of calling that day Juernes, ingeniously mixing Jueves and Viernes which actually is the most common day to party.
Subject A: Are we going out tonight?

Subject B: Oh man, I dont know... I have class tomorrow...
Subject A again (trying to be persuasive) : Come on , we all have class tomorrow but its fucking Juernes.
by BloodyOscarShelby March 3, 2016
In Spain, "juernes" is a combination between jueves (Thursday) and viernes (Friday). As most college students in Spain don't have class on Friday, most of them go out partying until Friday morning; others prefer to stay at home watching their favourite TV shows, reading or playing their favourite video games until late night/dawn.
It's juernes, so we're going to Razzmatazz tonight!
by Marianations February 11, 2016
A combination of Thursday and Friday. It means that there's no class at Friday, so they get out and hang out like it's Friday.
-Tomorrow is Thrusday!
+No, it's juernes! We don't have high school.
by spanishlatingirl December 24, 2014