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A crude acronym for an important concept. Literally, "Just Say Fuck It".
1) A state of mind adopted in order to retain sanity in an otherwise insane situation. (This use was first demonstrated to me by my friend, Turtle who has more than once attempted to master this level of consciousness).
2) A useful reply to inane queries about proper procedure.
3) An unexpected name for an organization in Japan: .
4) Something, which, when properly understood, will result in a real lack of interest in any of this tripe.
5) Apathy by another name.

Me: Turtle, dude! Why aren’t you working harder? Layoffs are coming!
Turtle: JSFI!

by mi1o October 13, 2005
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"just say fuck it". When situations becomes more than what you can deal with;when there's nothing you can do about a stressful situation. A profound way of saying, "I'm just letting it all go".
Paul took the "JSFI" attitude after he tried reconciling with his wife who cheated on him with his brother and his best friend for the last six months.
by DePhaun September 16, 2007
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