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Jossilin is the definition of love passion and sexiness if you see this in a woman you can know right away " Hey, that's a Jossilin!" She will brighten your day just by her smile and if you get her as a girlfriend she will be the sweetest most caring of them all without a doubt .
by Tecua710 May 20, 2018
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A Jossilin is a brave independent girl who doesn’t deal with people’s bullshit. They can be shy but are more observant and smarter than you think. Usually girls with long shiny brown hair and hazel eyes. Jossilin’s are true friends that care and stick up for their friends and break through their shyness to stand up for people they care for. If you are friends with a Jossilin you’re a very lucky person!
A Jossilin is used for friendship
by 0QueenDream0 October 06, 2018
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