Works with a kid by the name of REE KID Mully and Your Narrorator
by Tier 42069 memer January 22, 2020
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The shortest man you will see. Also works with a screaming REE KID, a big fat fucking retard Mully, sand and crayon eater juicy, taco man Eddie and the guy who is to wholesome and always gets interrupted, Narrator
"I'd like to see you try short ass" laughed Ree kid
by Sauceddie January 12, 2022
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A YouTube based children's entertainer that creates skit content in Virtual Reality experiences.

His large reach and audience has contributed very negatively to the mass adoption of VR in recent time, as all of the new users he brings in are babbling snotty little brat children that repeat all of the jokes and imitate all of the characters from his YouTube videos.

If you've ever hopped onto Rec Room or VRChat and wondered why there is someone named "REE KID" shattering the eardrums of you and your peers in every lobby, blame Joshdub.
reekid947429538: (incoherent screeching and babbling)

Player: ANOTHER JOSHDUB KID? Fuck this, I'm getting off.
by massivesket287 July 21, 2022
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Autistic (fake) Australian YouTuber dude. Works with REEkid , a big fat fucking retard, Mexican, and wholesome wizard.
Hi im Josh and I hate you all.”
-“said by JoshDub
by raNd0mp0Sts August 26, 2022
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