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The nicest, coolest guy on the planet. Member of Nice Manners and kicks ass at playing the guitar. All Girls seem to be in love him.
Isn't that Josh Scott playing his guitar? With his rockin' good looks!!
by Sim twins January 07, 2005
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A kid who is so bad at fortnite, gets no kills, has 300 squad carry wins, steals your loot and blames everything on you. Wouldn’t recommend playing with him.
Why are you blaming the fortnite loss on me, your such a josh Scott
by Peepeeharder May 17, 2018
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The most 1337est person in the world. Has a huge penis and r0x0rz at XBOX Live. If I wasn't Josh Scott, I'd want to be.
Josh Scott, what a true brilliant person.
by Slickridah January 25, 2005
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