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Even more almighty then johnnyoh, johnny-oh is the greatest Socom player in North America, possibly the world. Although some have accused him of cheating, or haxing, johnny-oh would never resort to such behavior. He instead pwns noobs using his amazing skill.
drjjg- "hell yeah, I'm 18-3, gonna win game mvp, I am the best"

*BOOM*...drjjg gets pwned by johnny-oh

johnny-oh- "you've just been johnny-owned...bitch"
by Seanold September 08, 2008
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A legend in some Online Games. He is known as the "Man of 1000 Accounts." He has superb Hacking/Cracking skills and can use them if nessecary. He has never used them to harm online games, but proved he had the power to do so. He was thought to be SonicMouse an online scriptor, but people noticed the diffrences between them.
This is what would happen:
Some poor guy whos going to get hacked: "Johnnyoh Sucks!"
Jyve(could be another one of his accounts on an online game): "BAM!"
Some poor...: What?
Those were the last words of the poor guy...
by -=Unknown=- February 23, 2006
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Was born on 10/31/92. Whenever he signs up for anything, his name will and always be Johnnyoh. No one ever had the name Johnnyoh, but said anyone who makes there name Johnnyoh before he is cabable of WILL regret it. He is an Internet MasterMind, and google is his brain. The few who ever met Johnnyoh in real life, says he has a strange aura and has been cabable of Godly-Like abilitys. These abilitys are unknown, at the moment. No one knows the true identity of Johnnyoh and people are starting to belive his name is not even John.
For know Johnnyoh is a mystery, and this is the most information possible.
All hail the Almighty JOHNNYOH!

Beware his username...
by -=Unknown=- February 23, 2006
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