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the prettiest girl of all names. has a great personality and will always be the most popular. usually falls in loves with a lot of guys, but breaks up with them alot. loves to go to parties and have a great time. can get really mad but laughs alot which makes it better. falls in love with boys that start with an e, which makes it the perfect match. can be shy but can be really outgoing. there is only one joelly and that is all. all boys love her and no its not joely . its pronounced like jo-elly.
Joelly is very pretty outgoing and at first is shy. she is one of my students and has a beautiful smile. she has dated a lot of guys but always gets good grades.
by joelle123 March 03, 2008
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Those to be sexually and attractively superior to other males. Joelly is a good boyfriend, and someone who you can always rely on to have a good time with alcohol.
See that guy with the amazing girlfriend, thats "Joelly"
by mcfuzzles November 27, 2011
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