Master at objections. Seriously, Phoenix Wright will stand no chance against him in the courtroom.

Sadly, Jodl never became a lawyer, so instead he just objects to whatever Hitler plan/says/does.

Hitler calls Jodl a "bald ape" due to those objections (and him being a baldy).

Jodl is in fact so good at objecting that he can object to Fegelein's plans too!
Jodl: My Führer, what is your plan?
Hitler: I plan to destroy the Soviet fat bangers by launching a secret attack on Stalin using the Steiner and Wenk forces.
Jodl: But my Führer, I object to this plan
Hitler: Dammit stupid bald ape! Why is that?
Jodl: The plan will miserably fail
Hitler: I don't care what you think! Now stop making me to lose time and shut up!
by TheTroll73_[Ezman] May 16, 2017
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A diverse form of annoying yodelling produced by Joe. Normally heard in the very early hours
It's 5am, go and jodle in her ear, that'll piss her off
by Jay July 4, 2004
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