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This word is of indeterminate origin that appears in the chorus of the song "Iko Iko," a folk song originally recorded by James "Sugar Boy" Crawford in the early 1950s. It may be a transliteration of any of the following:

the Bayou French phrase "chaque amour," meaning "all our love."

the language of Mobile Indians, from the phrase "čokəma fehna" which meant "very good."

the Bambara (West African) phrase "Jakamo Fi Na Ye," meaning "The Black Cat is here."

the word "Jacouman," the name of a Yoruba spirit - this interpretation may be supported by other references to Yoruba/Voodoo/Hoodoo within the song.
Talkin' bout ey nah, ey nah
Iko iko an eh
Jockamo feeno ah na neh
Jockamo fee na neh
by BelleStar May 23, 2013
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A term used to describe something, or someone great, usually with the predisposition of a Stoney excitment.

The term for the lighting designer of the Grateful Dead
Well Jockamo Feenahey, When did you get here?

Jackamo Feenahey
by Jockamo Feenahey October 28, 2006
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