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Retains the same functions as a regular jockstrap but with the addition a thong-type string in the rear part of the garment for aesthetic reasons as well as to offer extra coverage to one's backside/anus.
Man: "I'll see if I can find any jock thongs to buy, I wouldn't want any of the other guys to see my asshole in case I for any reason have to bend over, squat, kneel, or crouch in the locker room."

Boy: "I think that I might wear jock thong today, because I want that extra support for my butt, but I wouldn't want to feel so exposed in my backside."

Man: "Wearing this sexy jock thong tonight is guaranteed to score me some action with my partner--they won't be able to get their hands off me! The illusion, mystery, suspense, and sexual wonder is too much to hold back on."
by NotYourAverageUnderwearExpert February 18, 2014
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