JMO(jerk me off)...used while texting only to slutly chicks that live by a high school

jmo™ by arozak
ex 1 when sending a text message(sexting)
-hey come over
-come jmo

ex 2(JACK) Hey don't you live right near pine ridge and strudel street.
(JILL) Yeah right next to the school
(JACK) Thats cool can i stop by later and your mom can make waffle p.s. you can jmo after
by arozak March 25, 2010
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The complete opposite of emo, comes from the founder of the JMO Institute of Little Losers, Jonathan Moore. A person whos a JMO is the complete opposite of a emo, instead of being suicidal they are happy and find fun in the littlest of things. And instead of writing crappy poetry and suicide notes and blogs, they read them and laugh out loud and then go burn down an elderly house.

No matter what you do can bring them down to an emo level. Even hooking a car battery up to thier balls/ovaries and shocking them. Trust us, we have tried. Now if only Jesus was a JMO.
Dude that guy took a shot to the balls and laughed! Thats a JMO!
by Grinspork November 27, 2003
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abreviation for -AYYE JERK ME OFF!!!!!!- must be said very loud and accompianied by the JMO hand gesture in someones ear.
from mon don high school 2004
AYE RAT BOY JMO- at this point you would make an obscen gesture into the persons ear for added insult
by OL DIRTY KYLE January 19, 2005
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$5 bj's
I only have $5, is that enough for a JMO?
by Anal Sores July 18, 2009
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A Jmo is someone who has a butt as big as JLo's, but isn't going to lose a guy like third period spanish.
Dude that chick is so hott, she is such a Jmo
by JMosexy1128 April 13, 2004
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JEW ME OUT the act of jewing sombody out. The act of being stupid uncool or an asshole...usually to a friend
Oh my god he just JMO'ed!! for example you flip off a teacher...a friend or someone says MR teacher!! HE just stuck his middle finger at you!!! you get detention.
by HASANT February 21, 2010
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