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A mythical monster that is said to creep into a room at night and blows his hot milky load all over the unsuspecting victim's hair and clothing.
"I am a jizzmonster"
by John Mc Bastard-Face May 01, 2003
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Like the cookiemonster, but with jizz.
Aaaaarrrrrrgggh, I'm the Jizzmonster!!!!
by jizzmo May 31, 2005
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Mythical anteater type animal thats made out of jizz. It goes around after someone ejaculates and eats the cum off the floor. When used properly, can mean offensive homosexual joke and the ender of all arguments.
Jake:"your a fucking sac monkey"

Joey:" Fuck you man. At least i ain't a jizzmonster!"

by themuthafuckincuntmonkey January 23, 2011
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A male/female whose face has been covered in so much semen that he/she resembles a monster.
Don't be afraid Tom, this isn't a real monster, it's just a Jizz-monster.
by Rybu April 11, 2013
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