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a short, funny and lovable girl, she may be depressed but she is the most beautiful girl you will ever lay your eyes on. she is loyal and kind she puts other peoples feelings in front of hers and will never ever betray you. you would be lucky if you had a jissel in your life, she makes ever bodies day brighter when she walks into the room. she dosent know but she is gorgeous from head to toe. i have a jissel in my life and im soo lucky to have such a good friend like her. she belongs in this world, she deserves to live a happy and long life!n jissel if your reading this i love you, you are the most amazing friend EVER ! dont leave this world anytime soon ! you are worth the fight. no matter if you scream or cry or kick i will always be there to pick you up, to tell you everthing is gunna be ok even if its not. - Unknown
hey jissel you wanna look at cake with me?
by cake is life March 29, 2015
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Jissel is funny nice and THICK! she is one of a kind, and thicker than ever but she will not admit to it. Jissel is pretty and has a vibe that any guy would love
by thickbitchs May 07, 2018
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A hoe who loves to date anyone they meet she is also a fuck girl who loves innocent boys
Jissel went out with the whole word.
by Anonymously nonbinary July 13, 2017
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