A tourist engaging in clumsy behavior. i.e. holding up lines, searching their pockets for bus tickets, walking into pedestrians, forgetting their meeting times.
Look at that Jingo-Jango over there walking around in the bicycle lane.
by FoxMission December 15, 2018
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said in a british accent. Used when you cheers your drinks with friends. Also used as a a code name for top secret missions or operations.
Jingo Jango my friends!!

Operation: Jingo Jango is a go!
by bully-05 November 21, 2011
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A sign-language gesture with the hand , meaning "I'm goin to pee & get a drink."

The gesture is a double dip j sign, pinkie finger, twice.
Across the loud, sweaty, undulating, pheromone flooded dancefloor, I spotted Scotty, and I gave him the Jingo Jango, and he nodded okay. So I hit the head.
by Bilham January 14, 2011
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Jingo Jango is where 2 lesbian transgenders sag there rusty hook in each others faces giving a Jingo Jango.
Mother; Hey sweetie I was thinking we should try the Jingo Jango

Step-Daughter; Sure! Would we upload to Bang Bro's or Family Therapy
by Franghole Hillbilly August 7, 2018
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