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the act of interlocking two fingers to greet someone while giving it to the other person in the ass.
Nate: Jimmysome Mike!
Mike: I would love to jim you some!
by Tyler Kluck June 17, 2006
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When one man (man A), in the pursuit of having anal sex with another man(man B), holds out his hand such that the middle and index finger are extended forward and seperated so as to simulate making room in the anus for penal entry. Man A, still in pursuit, then outbursts "JIMMYSOME!" If man B wishes to comply and have anal he extends his middle and index finger and interlocks the fingers, symbolic for anal entry. If accepted, the men then proceed to the bedroom and have hot, sweaty anal.
Named after Manitowoc baseball legend Jimmy Dietrich.
Jimmy: "Hey Sam, Jimmysome!"
Sam: "Hell no! Do I look gay? Why don't you ask Blazin' Billy?"
Jimmy: "Hey coke slice, Jimmysome!"
Billy: "Yeah! Jimmysome, just let me finish my popcorn"
by Jimmy Green Bean August 12, 2006
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