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Jigz is a short form name for "Jigga". Lots of people are called Jigga especially rap artists, but since there's only one Jigga (Jay Z). They would Rather be called Jigz.
Yo, look There Jigz Crillz, He's a sick rapper!
by Mr. Gangsta November 17, 2007
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Means someone who hooks up with ugly or large girls but is the man at everything
OMG he is such a Jigz.
by gsafo January 17, 2006
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Small-minded lamer who gets anal sex from bald, extremely fat men, and horrible at life.
You're such a Jigz, you may as well go kill yourself.
by LittleBastardHyper March 01, 2006
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A british chav who doesn't like when people test his "gangsta." A "Jigz" comes in many forms and may hide under many different handles. A "Jigz" will always try to fake their identity and life, and when mentioned they will often spaz out. "Jigz" can also be used in a way to address the members of Dumbledore's Army.
Did you hear about Tanner? He freaked out at the teacher today when they threatened to call his parents, whining about how he "lives with his girlfriend." He's a total Jigz.
by SeΓ±or Dumbledore March 01, 2019
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