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1.21 jigglewatts represents the amount of ample curvature present in a female body that will turn an average male in to a blubbering puddle of stupid. It is not a measure of attractiveness as low jigglewattage females can be very sexy, example Madonna, Kiera Knightley and Milla Jovovich would score low (0.0.3) on the scale, while Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian score near the maximum (1.21).
Her picture on facebook indicates a high amount of jigglewatts.
by Kelce January 17, 2008
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A unit for measuring the power generated by a gorgeous woman's movements for the express benefit of her audience, ranging anywhere from a burlesque dancer's wild shimmy and shake, to the confident strut of a woman in red stilettos.

The Jigglewatt symbol (JW) is a unit for measuring power equal to one kajillion, bazillion, gazillion watts. Few things (or people) can withstand the transfer or consumption of energy on this scale, some of these events or entities include: lightning strikes, falling in love, Lana Turner's smile, firefighters wearing special goggles, the supercollider, Stephen Hawking, and the number 4. ... And of course, the girls of The Jigglewatts Burlesque troupe...
1. The jigglewatts she radiated could boil water from across the room.
2. Have you seen The Jigglewatts? You can pick your favorite or collect all four.
by Ruby Joule July 06, 2006
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