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A person, usually a man, who has no friends. Can be identified by their lack of plans on Friday nights and physical abnormalities, usually a massive amounts of blackheads that can possibly obscure the face to a point of blackness.
"Dude, so I was talking to Jack the other day, and he said all he did this weekend was watch a Trading Spaces marathon! He must be a total jeyer!"
"Haha! Those BAMFs at that lunch table are throwing fries into that jeyers drink!"
"Hahahahah.......if that jeyer rubs his blackheads one mo' time, its gonna be a hate crime!"
"Yo, so dis jeyer be walkin up to me wen i be up on da block. And guess what! He be buyin a hoe juss' to be havin' a conversation! Dat jeyer ain't got no friends!"
by Aurelius DiBeaux April 13, 2006
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