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a turtle raised by master splinter under a synagogue. who is too afraid to fight because of the fact that he doesnt want to waste any money on medical bills.
Thanks Jewturtle i just got my ass kicked.
by Master_Batter April 11, 2008
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1) n. a stiff, awkward dance that involves swinging and swaying your arms and hips back and forth. It is forced, unattractive, and embarrassing.
2) n. one who sweats uncontrolably while doing the "JewTurtle"
3) n. a dancing, robotic, singing turtle that dances like an ugly jew.
1) duuude! he's doing the jew turtle again!!
2) who does he think he is? I mean, nobody likes the JewTurtle. Nobody.
3) hahaha! Doesn't this turtle remind you of the way (-----) dances???
by I eat paste October 11, 2007
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