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A Jewslim is half jew half muslim or for instance has one muslim parent and one jewish parent they can either practise the islamic or the jewish faith but either way are always circumsised
that guy over theres a jewslim he's a money grabber as well as owning a chain of corner shops
by tru-blu-91 January 23, 2007
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A dramatic love story that was written and developed into a film by actor Eli Harris.
Finally a film (Jewslim) that addresses inter-cultural relationships aside from black and white.
by KBBaby December 09, 2007
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1. A person living in america who demands that their religon be accepted despite their non traditional ways.

2. A word used to decribe jews and muslims together as one, most americans think they are like the "crips" and "bloods", we know they hate each other, but to us they are pretty much the same thing.
Child : why do some of the kids at camp wear

Funny hats and not eat bacon?

Mother : they are probably just jewslim kids
by Reginald Byrd April 26, 2016
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