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a term used to describe a type of footballing goal in which a player squares the ball when in a 2 on 1 with the goalkeeper. it originates from the game fifa and is still largely used within this game but can also be used in real life. a jew goal is frowned upon within the fifa community and often results with the scoring player being called a jew.
1- what a goal
2- no that was a jew goal you jew
by leonf1 February 26, 2011
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A person who when playing FIFA (other football games avaliable) passes the ball when 2 on 1 with the keeper in order to provide the receiver with an open goal.

Frowned upon in multiplayer situations.

Other variations of this are around-
Arial Jew- Instead of passing along the floor you cross it to a team mate (This can become a non jew goal if the player on the end of the cross pulls of an acrobatic spectacular goal to finish)
Boring Jew- A player who takes a penalty and puts it down the middle to make it a certain goal but a boring one
Failed Jew- Someone who attempts any of the Jew variations and chumps them, meaning they don't come off or they fail to score (Expect full on abuse and constant mocking for several days if this is you)

If you Jew you stand a better chance of winning but you will lose friends and people to play against you. If you have to Jew, do it with a team at least 3 stars below the opponents team and don't constantly Jew, there is no skill.

Player 1 is through on goal with the keeper in front of him, it is at a normal angle so goal is certain and requires no skill, a team mate makes a run into the box so Player 1 passes to that player providing them with an open goal.

"Wheyyyy i've just scored a goal against you"
"Yeah but you passed it, Jew goals don't count"
"Nahh nahh nahhh i'm winning"
"Shut up you Jew, go buy a Jew hat"
by 210#6 December 23, 2011
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